Mr. Uchenna Nworgu and Emmily Alexander founded African Focus, Incorporated with the support and commitment of the entire A.F.I Board and Executive Committee members to identify and celebrate African achievements, and to promote cultural and educational relations. In so doing, we strive towards public awareness and cooperation to address the ever-increasing needs of Africans.


We need to look at Africa’s problems as one that affects us all and take action. For decades, African countries have been neglected and continue to struggle for survival. Political and economic strife prevails, and many African people live below the poverty level necessary for human survival. Many of the regional people cannot afford the proper nutrition or health benefits many of us take for granted and without a collective effort by the world community, it will be too late for millions of the people suffering from aids, malnutrition, famine and other curable diseases.


While the communities of care providers, with minimal resources and support, are supplying great work on the ground in Africa, they need our help. Africa needs organizations like ours to assist with the resources to make the much-needed progress. Providing hope to the hopeless sounds noble, but it becomes a simple phrase without substance if we seat back without challenging ourselves or pulling our energies together to make a difference in their lives. These are people like you and I. If they can challenge themselves to succeed by these great efforts without any financial or personal gratification, we can at least come together and say, “Thank you for helping these people” better yet we can take a more proactive approach and get involved. Yes, we are not all going to be foot soldiers in the struggle, but we can play a vital role to increase the efforts.

The things we may think are inconsequential can mean the difference between life and death for millions of people in Africa. The death rate among African children is staggering in numbers from both curable and non-curable diseases; and many go to sleep without food. It is not uncommon to see a 10 year old kid become a parent to his/her siblings due to the death(s) of their parents as a result of aids; an epidemic that claims millions of lives. If these children will see another day, or have their next meal depends on our individual and collective decision. We urge you to get involved and help the continent and its people in any way you can. There is something that each of us can do – no matter how big or small it may seem. We appeal to you, please find any organization of your choice, it doesn’t have to be African Focus, Inc. and volunteer your services and efforts. Your involvement and commitment gives birth to the act of kindness that gives hope to the helpless. It is the most noble and Godly act we can offer towards people. Our Executive Committee Officers as well as members of the Board invest their time and efforts towards AFI objectives. I am confident to say that you can do the same! We wish to thank you in advance for your generosity and efforts in helping to make a difference in other peoples’ lives around the world. We wish to thank you in advance for your generosity and efforts in helping to make a difference in other peoples’ lives around the world. Uchenna Nworgu
Director, African Focus, Inc.